How did I get here?


Chances are if you are here you saw us at one of our shows and you did not want the magic to end. So you are here to find out more information about our products and services well you're in luck just keep reading on.

How it all began.


Our story started many years ago when cavemen painted on walls and men chiseled in stone. They wanted to preserve and display those treasured moments. Well, that desire has never went away. But instead of displaying all of our proud memories for all to see, they remain  hidden on that little device that we carry around in our pocket. That's where we come in. We take those hidden treasures and we breathe new life into them. Together with you we take those precious moments and create something you would be proud to hang on your cave walls.

How do I get these magnificent products of magic???

Due to overwhelming orders and backorders we cannot promise that we will be able to service our online orders when you contact us ee can let you know what we can do... thank you for the overwhelming responses to our products.

As of June 2019....

Our online price per memory board is $15 plus tax and a flat shipping rate of $10 per order.


You want a better price? 

Who doesnt?

Do a gallery wall... what is a gallery wall you ask? Well let me tell you.

We give you the opportunity to make a gallery wall in your home at our lowest bargain price.

Purchase 10 memory boards and they magically transform into $10 memory boards.

Allow me to simplify...

1-9 memory boards $15 each.

10+ memory boards $10 each.

Wow that's an amazing deal.

Please tell me how to get this started!!!

Drop us a line @ and together let's make a memory.

Some helpful information.

Memory board vs a photograph...

There is a great difference between the memory board we make you and a photograph from a photographer or Walmart prints.

The images that we print on your board are not going to be perfect in color or resolution it is being printed on wood. There will be many variations between the grain of the wood and the spacing of the slats. We do our best to make your image look as professional and nice as possible.

The higher the resolution of the image the better the quality of the printed board.

As for the orientation of landscape or portrait style hanging we use the best possible direction to fill the board.

Caring for your memory board is very simple treat it like you would a picture don't put it in direct sunlight don't get it wet... you may lightly spray it with a satin lacquer if you would like... but that's not necessary.. Certain closed in porches may work but keep in mind you probably wouldn't hang your own photographs there.